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Based on the big success of the #Berlin5GWeek 2016 we are proud to announce the 2017 edition. So save the date to get your hands on 5G from November 6th to 10th, 2017 and learn about the globally most discussed 5G hot topics, such as software-defined networks, network virtualization, network slicing for 5G verticals, Industrial Internet/IoT, 5G multi-access network support, and 5G testbeds and most recent technology PoCs.
Get together with key international experts from major operators, vendors and standards organizations at the #Berlin5GWeek and join three of the most solid events related to software-based networks and 5G technologies: 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference, Industrial IoT Forum and the 8th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM. For sponsoring and speaking opportunities contact us here.

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    The 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference

    Nov 6th to Nov 8th 2017 at Fraunhofer-Forum

    Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) enable rapid network and service innovation for all participants in the future telecommunication and 5G ecosystems.
    The 2017 3rd IEEE Conference on NFV-SDN is this year’s premier event for the areas of NFV and SDN. After two highly successful repetitions of the event in Bay Area with more than 140 participants, it comes for time first this year to Europe and is co-located with the Berlin 5G week. Details on the event will be found here.

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    Edge Computing Forum

    the Future of Edge Computing

    Nov 7th 2017 at Fraunhofer FOKUS

    Since the 1960's we observe paradigm shifts in the context of distributed computing from mainframes to client-server models and back to centralized cloud approaches. The next development will include the distribution of intelligence back to the topological edge of the network; even including functionalities on nebulous systems within the Internet of Things (IoT).
    At the forum the latest technological advancements in the areas of Edge Intelligence, Edge Computing, Fog Computing and autonomous Cyber-physical Systems will be presented alongside with best practices and experiences gained from recent testbeds and trials. Leading experts from standards-developing organizations, innovators, first movers and early adopters present their newest achievements and discuss open issues. Learn more here.

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    The Industrial IoT Forum

    Future Industrial Internet - Connectivity, Semantics, Communication and Programmability

    Nov 8th 2017 at Fraunhofer FOKUS

    Latest technological advancements in the areas of Industrial IoT systems, networks, platforms and data analytics will be presented alongside with best practices and experiences gained from latest IIoT testbeds and trials. Although focusing on smart manufacturing/Industrie 4.0 and logistics application domains, the usage of IIoT technologies in the areas of smart energy, smart transportation and smart cities will be covered. Learn more here.

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    Getting Digital Infrastructures Ready for 5G - First Experiences and the Way Forward

    Nov 9th to Nov 10th 2017 at Fraunhofer FOKUS

    Last year's edition of the FOKUS FUSECO Forum that was attended by more than 220 delegates from over 30 nations and brought together international network operators, manufacturers and researchers to discuss the ICT infrastructures needed for the upcoming 5G network systems as well as the Industrial Internet. This year we will look at the benefits and risks of this emerging disruptively agile network and service environment by assessing ongoing technology and business proofs of concept and related 5G testbeds around the globe. Learn more about the upcoming FOKUS FUSECO Forum 2017 here.

The IEEE NFV-SDN Conference takes place at Fraunhofer-Forum, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin. See here how you reach the location.

The Edge Computing Forum, the Industrial IoT Forum and the FOKUS FUSECO Forum take place at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS. Here you can find a description how you can find Fraunhofer FOKUS

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